The Missing Cheque Saga

At the last URPC meeting the URPC Chairman answered the question relating to the  missing cheques (listen to the Audio Minutes at around minute 55). He said they were in relation to the Parish Clerks employment termination, without any further explanation. As a consequence I would like to know the amounts involved? I will ask the financial auditor, Grant Thornton for the details and I suggest others do.

Also, last week the payment initially published to CLR Law has now disappeared – cheque number 100257?

Also, surprised that the Acting Clerk spends so much on expenses, so quickly.

Finally, I notice Debbie Hill was paid for the whole of June when in fact her employment ceased much earlier in the month, what is going on?

I do not like my precept deductions paying unaccountable sums and therefore show complete lack of confidence in this Parish Council.

The table below is an amalgamation of the two Appendix tables published by the Parish Council and subsequently changed and is listed in Cheque number format. Link to Table

I have also included URPC Financial Regulations-Dec 2016 for your reference and they do not adhere to their own policy.

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