Parish Clerk Advert

At long last from Upper Rissington Parish Council, my guess is they have been prompted to do this. Please note on the Job Description the advert has the incorrect e-mail address.

Upper Rissington Clerk Advert

Upper Rissington Clerk Job Description – August 2017

Revised: Upper Rissington Clerk Job Description – August 2017


Telephone: 01451 810839

Upper Rissington Village Hall
Wellington Road
Upper Rissington
GL54 2QW
United Kingdom

2 thoughts on “Parish Clerk Advert

  1. This is doomed to fail. No one will work for URPC for 10 hours. If they have done their research they will know that a qualified clerk needs at least 20. We have all seen and heard the amount of hours quoted by councillors.

    The Chairman revealed at a recent meeting he spent 60 hours on council business one week.
    Cllr Laird, is often seen in the URPC office, my guess nearly 30 hours per week.

    10 will not work Cllr Laird, in an expanding village. Ask all the previous clerks you have experienced in your tenure.

  2. Better to start at 10 and increase rather than be tied into a contract for too many hours. But don’t see how 10 hours will ever be enough. I know the village hall has been transferred to the trust so that’s one less big thing to work on, but a new clerk will take a few months to get up to speed so will inevitably need more hours at the start especially when there’s been a gap since there was a clerk in post. Hope they get someone good.

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