Cheque Number Advice

Three months ago, the question was asked why have cheque numbers been deleted from the publicised payments list? After numerous requests from Nigel Adams and myself to ask why, eventually I received this reply from Cllr Laird:

Can you for clarity answer the same question again, where did you obtain this information from?”, I feel it appropriate to respond; GAPTC gave me the information.

Therefore GAPTC are responsible for the advice, why has it taken so long for the answer to be delivered? I don’t know who Cllr Laird serves, but it is not Upper Rissington, from her response she has a strange agenda she is keeping too.



Further to this, I believe from another resident who requested to see the Financials, Cllr Laird will not allow access to the requested information.



I believe hiding financial information from the public must be a first for a small Parish Council. Deceitful is one of the words that springs to mind. Hiding public money spends, only makes you vulnerable for investigation.

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